The Laufer Logistic Ltd. was founded in 2001 exclusively for the undertaking of patient transport and the activities in connection with this.

Our company has specialised itself from the palette of patient transport for the long-distance transport. We have a cooperation contract with the Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskunhalas for the in and home transport of patients, and also with the Budapest Pető Institution. We transport the disabled children in the whole are of the country between the school and their home.

We go to Budapest, Kecskemét, Szeged, Kiskunhalas on a daily basis. We go to Debrecen, Pécs, Balatonfüred, Hévíz, etc. every week.

During the transport we are aiming at the high level service of the patients from the human and the instrument side as well, for we do all this with 1-2-3 year old air-conditioned cars.

Our central office works in Tompa, under 64-66 Dózsa György Street. Here two main directors receive the incoming calls between 8 am and 4 pm, and inform the patients of the predictable time of the transport, and direct and coordinate the transporting cars during the daily work.